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Promote your product/services and gain more visibility through multiple channels: our Startups League Newsletter sent to hundreds of other founders, articles or webinars.
The opportunity to have your product/services tested by other businesses and gather valuable feedback and improvement points.
The possibility of finding new partners and collaborators.

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Reasons to apply to this campaign:

Learn about other businesses and get valuable knowledge and tips.
Find out about other products/services that will help you grow your business.
Benefit from special offers and packages from other startups.
Learn and develop from shared experiences, knowledge, feedback and ideas!

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PROCESIO is an Integration Platform that provides a flexible and scalable no/low-code environment to create  integration and automation up to 5x faster than by traditional coding.

With PROCESIO you can: 
Simplify processes, free up resources, and improve operational efficiencies
Use API calls to connect processes with external systems
Create your own Custom Actions to build processes (bypassing connectors or platform-based limitations)
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90% discount on Company plans for early-stage startups (<1M total investment and <10 team members) that are part of Startups League.
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