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Startup Ecosystem Radar is a weekly newsletter containing a collection of most important news, investment rounds, events and activities in the Eastern European startup ecosystem.

It is designed for venture capital funds, accelerators and companies which are looking to understand what happens and use the information provided for investment, partnerships or business development.

How does it work?

We MONITOR all important sources (news publishers, Facebook groups, startup platforms, newsletters and other private sources), we FILTER the information and add them into a DOCUMENT of 5-7 pages with summarized news and links to details (in case you want to read more). 

Our coverage is on Eastern European countries (from Baltics to Greece).

Pricing Plans
Recurrent pricing depending on your subscription (you can stop it anytime before the next billing).

Charged quarterly


Charged every 6 months


Charged yearly

What do people say about it?
“I've worked with Mircea in brainstorming sessions about new product development and early idea and pitch definition. I find his insights of great help - you can tell he has done this before and can identify key aspects about a product, he can ask the difficult questions and offer support where needed.”
Andrei Mărgineanu
Client Executive of Fortech
“It is exactly what I need, a reliable source which helps me to be up to date with news regarding opportunities for startups!”
Lucian Harea
Co-founder of Nibble
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On top of Startup Ecosystem Radar
we can help you with

Startup profiles

Information about startups we encounter and details that can help you understand them better and potential partner up or invest in them.

Intros to founders

While we get in touch with many founders, we also make introductions for calls or to discuss deals.

Advisory calls

To discuss various information, details, strategies and provide feedback on topics of your needs

Promotion to Startups League

In case you have public calls or messages, we can promote your opportunities to our newsletter startup founders (60-70% open rate).

Mapping requests

In specific areas we can conduct research and mapping depending on the criteria desired and deliver various info and startups inlet.

General promotion

We can arrange partnerships with various organisations, inform you about speaking opportunities in events, conferences or organise meetups.

Due diligence support

On demand, we can extend our research on specific startups, helping you in the due diligence and vetting process.

Working with startups

Our 20+ team of consultants can help the startups in your portfolio on various topics like idea validation, market research, go-to-market strategy, advertising, user acquisition channels, product metrics, business development, sales, venture capital fundraising and grant applications.