Romanian Healthtech Report

Together with FreshBlood, we have a deep understanding of the Romanian startup environment through our involvement in many of the activities at the grass root level of the ecosystem, including participation in conferences, tech meetups and interacting constantly with startups, stakeholders and financing organisations.

HealthTech si about healthcare and technology, and there are more and more ideas at national and global level about how to change things. We believe that the whole ecosystem might need a snapshot in terms of who is doing what and how fast things are moving in order to be informed and up to date.

Romania has a booming healthtech ecosystem, gradually growing and attracting more interest. In the past 5 years, we saw its inception and early shy growth and it is ready to grow to the next level. For this reason, we at Activize, in partnership with FreshBlood, are working on creating a Romanian Healthtech Report.

The first Romanian Healthtech Overview Report

  • The first report offering overview on Romanian healthtech ecosystem
  • 80+ healthtech startups researched for the report
  • Key trends and observations regarding the Romanian healthtech ecosystem
This is a preview about the investments done in 2020 and the Healthtech Map, which contains around 60 Romanian startups active in the healthtech sector.

Call for partners

Join us in launching the map during spring 2020! We're looking for partners, so if you are interested, write to us.

The overview report includes

  • offering “words from partner” and co-branding of the report
  • promotion together with Activize and FreshBlood on all our channels 
  • promotion in the community messages in the on-line
  • mention in press release, media, including quotes from representatives
  • organise a joint event or webinar to inform about content
  • total reach estimated: more than 10 000 people, with interest in the field


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