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In the past six years we have worked with, mentored or consulted more than 200 startups or teams on various topics like:

Venture Capital Fundraising
Business Development
Go-to-Market Strategy
Product Management
Idea Validation
Market Research
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So far, we've recommended hundreds of startups to various companies or organisations like KPMG, Banca Transilvania, Metro, Orange, Societe Generale, Techstars, How to Web, Techsylvania and other tens of corporates, accelerators and venture capital funds.
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Feedback from Startup Founders

We helped directly more than 500 founders.
“I've worked with Mircea in brainstorming sessions about new product development and early idea and pitch definition. I find his insights of great help - you can tell he has done this before and can identify key aspects about a product, he can ask the difficult questions and offer support where needed.”
Andrei Mărgineanu
Client Executive of Fortech
“It is exactly what I need, a reliable source which helps me to be up to date with news regarding opportunities for startups!”
Lucian Harea
Co-founder of Nibble
“Being a start-up it is so complicated to take care of all the processes. There is a need of somebody we could ask for an advice or could connect us to a third person. Mircea helped us with free mentoring and connections. Thanks a lot.“
Andrea Adamo
Founder of 3minutesjob
“This is the first newsletter I have received and my expectations have been met! It is full of useful content and clear directions for startups  interested in different kind of programs or funding deals.
I haven't found anything like this before.“
Adrian Teampău
Director at Deloitte Romania
“I appreciate the monthly newsletter you have created in terms of existing funding opportunities. Very useful!“
Cătălin Briciu
Co-founder of Linnify
We provide

Support In

Fundraising process

Based on the experience accumulated and the network developed we can help you in:

Fundraising strategy
Pitch deck preparation
Connection with investors
Structuring the investment deal
Negotiation process
Communication with investors

Client acquisition process

Based on the experience accumulated and the network developed we can help you in:

Define customer personas and use cases
Validation of various acquisition channels
Support in the go-to-market strategy
Creating automated outreach processes
Connect with potential B2B clients

Spotlight some important metrics to impress.

Startups that we worked with, mentored or advised
Investors with whom we are in touch
Helped in fundraising process
Introductions made to investors for startups

Looking to connect with accelerators and corporate programs?

We are in touch with many accelerators, incubators, corporate programs or pan-european projects dedicated to support startups.

Usually it is very hard to understand their positioning, so after a talk with you we could recommend you the ones that are a closer fit to your startup needs, thus saving you time in this research process.

Let’s talk during our office hours

Every week we have a few time slots to talk freely about various topics. See below and let’s talk.
Our project

Startup Showcase

Startup Showcase is a daily short interview with startup founders that we discover and that seem interesting to be featured. 
We talk about their startups with aim to expose them to our audience made of investors, various program managers or startup community members.

If you want to arrange an interview, drop us an email, it’s a free service.

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