For accelerators and investors

If you are looking to invest in and accelerate startups

Startup Scouting

Helping you to find startups which fit your needs and criteria. We're constantly monitoring the Eastern European startup ecosystems and we're in touch with many of these startups and ecosystem players.

Ecosystem overview

We monitor and inform you on the overall status of startup ecosystems with monthly reports on important news, conferences, events, programs, funding rounds, tailored on specific topics and needs.

Acceleration programs

Helping various organisations innovate and collaborate with startups by creating acceleration programs from scratch, based on the strategic objectives and business needs. This can include designing the program, promoting, managing the program, consulting and working with startups.

Workshops and courses

Support through consultancy and workshops on various startup-related topics like idea validation, market research, prototyping, product management, go-to-market, business development, pitching and obtaining financing.

Startup events, competitions

Events useful for the startup ecosystem stakeholders: like conferences, meetups, investor-startups matching sessions, pitching events, competitions or other formats which can serve the targeted audience and bring good value to them.

Funding for startups

Helping your startups in the fundraising process: understanding the business case, calculating the financial needs, constructing the investment deck, contacting investors, support in negotiation and closing process.

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In the past six years we’ve been working with various accelerators, incubators and venture capital funds

So far we helped the following

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