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Our vision for Business Angels Newsletter is to fill in the gap and support the angel investment ecosystem through:

News and events of interest for investors
Educational articles related to angel investment
Startups that we validated and you could invest in
Syndication opportunities together with other angels
This is for

People interested to become angel investors

Angel Investors (professional or opportunity-driven)

Business Angels Networks Managers

Why we do this
We’ve started working with angel investors in 2018 and in the past 3 years, after organising 30 pitching events and after talking with 150+ angel investors, we’ve designed this newsletter based on their needs.
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If interested for more information on Eastern European startup ecosystem check the Startup Ecosystem Radar
Let's talk
If you’re interested in the above, let’s setup a call in the Calendly below or drop us an email at with questions or request of offer and we can take it from there.
What do people say about it?
“I've worked with Mircea in brainstorming sessions about new product development and early idea and pitch definition. I find his insights of great help - you can tell he has done this before and can identify key aspects about a product, he can ask the difficult questions and offer support where needed.”
Andrei Mărgineanu
Client Executive of Fortech
“It is exactly what I need, a reliable source which helps me to be up to date with news regarding opportunities for startups!”
Lucian Harea
Co-founder of Nibble